In an interview with ABC News on Thursday, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Valensky has repeatedly declined to say whether she agrees with President Joe Biden’s assessment that the coronavirus pandemic is over.

Host Terry Moran asked: “Dr. Varensky, what was your reaction and what did you think when you heard President Biden say the pandemic is over?”

Varensky replied, “You know, that’s all I can tell you, we’re in different places. Schools are open, businesses are open. We have a lot of population immunity now. We’ve got a lot of immunization protections in place. Every day There are still 350 deaths, but it’s much lower than at this time a year, two years ago. So we’re going to continue to do everything we can to roll out these newer booster shots so people can get the protection they need, but We recognize that we are in a much better position than we were a year ago at this time.”

Moran went on to ask, “But from your perspective, the pandemic isn’t over yet?”

Varensky responded: “Well, we continue to encourage people to do everything they can to protect themselves. We now have the tools to protect ourselves. If you haven’t got it, you can get your main series. You A newer fall bivalent vaccine is available. Then, if you do get [infected], we have tools like Paxlovid so you can protect yourself from serious illness, hospitalization, and death. So, I think, when we look at the big picture, it’s very different. Our hospitals are not overcrowded, people are back to work and schools are reopening. I think these are very important metrics. “

Later, Walensky discussed how the CDC needs to better communicate with the public.

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