Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard represented his country at the 77th United Nations General Assembly on Thursday and delivered a brief remarks speech In it, he called for reform of the UN Security Council after the Security Council failed to stop Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“The Security Council has failed to fulfill its mandate under the UN Charter because it has failed to prevent war, it has failed to take measures to stop armed aggression, and it has failed to seek a solution in any diplomatic process through dialogue and negotiation.

Mexico, currently a non-permanent member of the Security Council, has denounced the UN agency for being paralyzed by the veto power of its permanent members, which allows any permanent member to block any resolution or decision regardless of the majority within the Security Council. Russia, Security Council Permanent Council members, used Its veto blocked a UN Security Council resolution in February calling for an immediate end to the invasion of Ukraine.

China, the United States, the United Kingdom and France are the other four permanent members with veto powers on the legal body.

“The paralysis of the Security Council is the result of the abuse of the so-called veto by some of its permanent members,” Ebrard said, adding that Mexico, along with France, continued to push the permanent members of the Security Council to exercise their veto. Avoid using veto power.

Ebrard referred to a Russian-Ukrainian peace proposal by far-left Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador. the proposal, came up with The report to the United Nations, ahead of the Mexican representative’s speech, “concerns the establishment of a caucus of heads of state and government” whose task is to seek a peaceful solution to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine through dialogue and negotiation.

Ebrard suggested that the proposed caucus should include UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pope Francis.

Mexico’s foreign minister continued his speech, calling for nuclear disarmament.

“Mexico regrets the lack of political will – especially by nuclear-armed countries – to reach an agreement that would achieve the above,” he said.

Ebrard concluded his speech by reiterating that the United Nations should continue to be the tool of the international community for the peaceful resolution of disputes. “We cannot close the door to political dialogue and diplomatic negotiations. Current international tensions will not be resolved by force,” he said.

The Mexican representative concluded by calling on all UN member states to “work together to achieve the peace we all aspire to”.
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